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Welcome to
Mandal Castings AS

MANDAL CASTINGS AS has over 60 years’ experience as a foundry business. Scandinavia is our home market. This is to due both product quality and adaptability to our customers.

MANDAL CASTINGS AS is in a special position as a foundry business. Through a number of years we have developed and gained experience in production of molded products. We can produce units from less than 1 kilo and up to 6 tons. The materials used are grey iron
and ductile iron in standard quality. After agreement we can also cast in qualities with requirements beyond standard.

MANDAL CASTINGS AS is certified according to the quality system
NS-EN ISO 9001-2015.

MandalCastings logoer kunder copy.jpg
MandalCastings logoer kunder copy.jpg
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RTU FULL85 20190208 13-08-54_
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RTU FULL85 20190208 13-11-46 0852
RTU FULL85 20190208 13-12-36 0855
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RTU FULL85 20190208 13-20-53 0878
RTU FULL85 20190208 13-32-46 0904
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