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About Mandal Castings AS

Southern Norway

Mandal, also known as the Pearl of the South, with it's beautiful beaches and fantastic archipelago is one Eldorado for boaters of all categories. The town is known production of the great Marna engine, manufactured by Mandal Motorfabrikk.

Engine Manufacturing 

The engine production in the 1950s laid the foundations for a foundry company that has developed over the years into Mandal Castings AS. A corporation that has gained a good reputation and solid business operations.


Known the salmon fishing, shipping industry, and for it's industry with shipyards, production of boat engines and textiles. Mandal is also known for it's artists. Mandal became a charging point in the 19th century and gained city status in 1921, but the city has old roots: Much indicates that there was urban development here as early as the 1300s.

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